Returns redefined.

Indigo Social Finance(“Indigo”) is a financial services platform providing primarily debt funding to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the ethical textile and fashion supply chains. These industries have a polarized investment dynamic dominated by either small scale, craft production or large scale, commercial complexes. The financing infrastructure is weak for MSMEs, especially those looking to deliver more ethical or socially responsible products. Indigo’s target funding size is $100K-$5M, filling a void in the “missing middle”—above microfinance and below most commercial financing. Financial products will be structured to focus on the cash flows of the business, requiring little to no collateral, and using risk-based pricing. Funding is provided to organizations committed to building sustainable business models that support ethical growth in the textile and fashion supply chains through fair labor and environmental practices that focus on the long term, while maintaining sufficient return for investors: Returns Redefined

Nearly 70% of the world’s textiles pass through Asia at some point in the life cycle. Indigo intends to have a large presence in South and Southeast Asia for this reason. However, we’re committed to building ethical supply chains for textiles and apparel globally.